Sunday, March 19, 2017

Family photos 2016

A Letter to Shamim

Sameeha has been talking about you lately.  Today we looked at some pictures and she wanted to write you a letter, so I'm helping her. :)

Dear Shamim,

I've been thinking about you.  I know that you miss me too.  I like you very much.
I am in kindergarten.  My teacher is Mrs. Bronson.  I like her and she likes me.  My favorite thing at school is recess and math.  I really like math.  I like it and I can read better and I like school because it is fun.  Its really fun.  I have lots of friends at school.  I like my friends.  I learn lots at music.  I have two music classes.  I can subtract and even do cool stuff.  School is fun.
At home I like to play with my sisters.  I like to play play-doh and coloring ALOT of pictures.  I like mommy and daddy.  I like my pets, my dog Pinky and my kitty Taffy. I like to play games.  I like playing eye spy.  I love to help mom cook!  I'm a great cooker, I like to stir up the eggs.
I like being me  (this is a song at school)