Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Church Halloween Party, a few days before Halloween. It was time for bed!
Adawna was a witch with a spider in her hair, Priya a bee, and Mia a lady bug!

On Halloween we went Trick-or-Treating at Russ' office building. Priya filled up her happy meal Trick-or-Treat bucket twice! She got lots of candy (to share with mom and dad!)
It only took her about 2 times to get the hang of this 'Trick-or-Treat' stuff. Then she kept saying 'more!' 'more!' 'more Trick-or-Treat!' She had lots of fun and Sameeha enjoyed the stroller ride and having lots of attention.
Priya enjoying being outside after trick-or-treating, while waiting for Daddy.

Say 'Cheese!'
'say, what?!'

Russ dressed up as a Pirate for work....with a little encouragement from Adawna.

Bobbing for apples on Halloween night with our cousins.
Priya thought that was a pretty funny game to play!