Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Sameeha!

I LOVE this picture!  My sister-in-law took it using her iphone, so the resolution isn't very good, but the photo is perfect!  We were at Russell's great-grandpa's cabin last weekend.  One afternoon we went down to the river to dip our toes in the cold water.  Sameeha was sitting on this rock and having a grand time posing for us.  She knows she's cute and loves to show off.  Also while at the cabin she took 12 consecutive steps.  It was short lived, however, and she is usually only taking one or two at a time now.  She is getting braver each day and we think she'll be walking by Halloween.

Sameeha has brought so much joy into our lives this past year.  We all love her so much!  She is quick to smile, loves to laugh, and has started teasing her sister.  Priya and Sameeha are the best of sisters and play together very well.  They love to chase each other and make each other laugh.  What a blessing they both are to us and our entire families.  They have all the grandparents and their aunts and even some uncles wrapped around their fingers.  We love them so much!

Happy Gotcha-Day, Sameeha!!  
We are blessed to have you and we love your birth-parents and are 
thankful they chose us to have you in our family!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dallas LPA Convention

We had SO much fun going to the annual LPA convention, held this year in Dallas, TX!
We got to see old friends, make new ones, and spend lots of fun times together.  Our favorite part was being with our friends from Utah that traveled with us, being with all the other LPs and enjoying the comradery, and also all the activities we did.

 Russell's favorite part was getting to actually play football at the DALLAS COWBOYS STADIUM!

Priya and "my friends!" watching their dads and brother's play football.

 Family picture at the Circle 'R' Ranch

 Dressed up for the 4th of July.  
Sameeha isn't walking yet, but she can stand next to a wall or for a few seconds on her own.

 Utah friends Aubrey, Amber, and Adawna

Priya was popular on the dance floor!

 Dancing with her friend James.

Tiffani and Rachel meeting the Cowboy before he performed for our group.
Utah friends at the ranch.

Happy 4th Birthday to Priya!

 Family Dinner with the Grandparents and Adawna's Sister.
Elias, Aunt Celeste, Papa Shane, Grandma Debbie, Priya, Grandma and Grandpa Smith, Papa Hue, Russell (Adawna taking the photo)

 Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday, Dear Priya!  
Happy Birthday to you!

 A fun new game to play!

 Priya got a ride on ATV for her birthday!

Sameeha is enjoying her push toy and watching 
Priya zoom up and down the sidewalk.

Summer Fun!

 Camping with our family!  Priya, Shawnee, Sameeha, and Annika 
Shawnee and Annika are two of Russell's nieces.

 Sameeha, Adawna, Russell, and Priya playing games at camp,

 Both of these girls love to color!  
Sameeha just loves doing whatever Priya is doing.

 Such a pretty girl!  Smiling for a picture at a wedding we attended.

Sameeha jammin' on the piano, singing the blues.

Happy 1st Birthday, Sameeha!

We celebrated on several occasions!  Once with just the four of us and once with the grandparents. Sameeha loved every minute of it!
Ready to party!!

Make a wish!

 What a yummy cupcake!

 Priya wanted to help open presents, 
but Sameeha wanted to do it herself.

 What a big cupcake!  Happy Birthday with the grandparents.
More cupcakes, yipeee!

Happy Birthday, Mia!  We love you!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family Fun!

 Sameeha LOVES to brush her teeth!  She saw me brushing my teeth and spit out her pacifier so quick!  When I continued walking away and brushing my teeth she started throwing a HUGE fit.  So I went and got her, her toothbrush too.  Then she was happy.  She gets excited every night when we brush the girls' teeth.

Sameeha is now pulling herself up on stools, boxes, chairs, and the coffee table.  She tries to pull up on Priya too, but Priya isn't quite as stable as the stool is.  Instead of crawling to get around she does the bear crawl.  She goes on her hands and feet, rubbing her head on the ground, or pivoting and then rolling.  She'd rather be walked around holding someone's hand though.  She loves getting around more now.

 Sameeha's bear crawl.

YUMMY!!!  A red licorice!

Our local Little People of America chapter planned a day at the zoo.
The first thing we always do is stop at the Lion Fountain for a drink.

Then we took a ride on the train with our friends!

 Priya loves trains and thought this was the best part!

Later we took a ride on the carousel!  A first for both of the girls.  '
Sameeha enjoyed the ride more than Priya did, I think.

Later we got to take a rare close up picture with a tiger. Russell and Adawna thought this was awesome,  
Priya was NOT convinced that the glass would keep him away from her.

Priya and Sameeha

 In March Adawna, Priya, and Sameeha went with Adawna's mom, step-dad, and Sister to Arkansas for a week to visit with Great Grandma Martha, Great Grandpa Henry, and a lot of other relatives.  But we had so much fun with GGma Martha that we didn't take much photos.  This is a picture of GGpa Henry, Adawna's Grandpa on her Mom's side.  Sameeha and GGpa Henry especially hit it off.

 Dying Easter eggs for a family night activity.  
Sameeha had fun watching and playing with a boiled egg.  
She especially thought it was fun to drop it on the ground.

 One of Priya's cheesy smiles.  Priya thought dying eggs was great fun.  She loves art!

The Easter Bunny visited our house!  The girls were excited to see what the Bunny had brought them.  Some of the things they got were a stuffed bunny, little toys, snacks, and outdoor fun things.

Sameeha liked playing with the Easter grass.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dressed in White

A thumbs up from Priya on the new dresses.

Happy sisters

I love this picture of Sameeha!

I love this picture too!  So pretty with the pansies behind them.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pretty White Dress!

This week we go to court to have Sameeha's adoption finalized. We are so excited!
This is part of an invite Adawna made for her party afterwards. Adawna made this dress for Priya when she was finalized. Now it barely fits Sameeha. Both girls will have new dresses to wear for next week!

March 2012

What a busy week Sameeha has had!

She can now go from laying down to sitting up all by herself!
She did it for the first time on March 5th!

Here I go!
I did it!

This is how I blow kisses! I learned that this week too!
I can also shake my head at people when they do it at me.

And I learned how to clap! Yipee for me!

I also got 2 new teeth!
Say "Cheese!" My teeth came within a few days of each other.

Sameeha is such a happy baby!

She tolerates her helmet well and will hopefully only have to wear it for a few months. She has had it one month so far, and the Dr. said 4-6 months. The helmet is helping to correct the flat area on the back of her head, that could later lead to an un-symetrical head and face.