Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family Fun!

 Sameeha LOVES to brush her teeth!  She saw me brushing my teeth and spit out her pacifier so quick!  When I continued walking away and brushing my teeth she started throwing a HUGE fit.  So I went and got her, her toothbrush too.  Then she was happy.  She gets excited every night when we brush the girls' teeth.

Sameeha is now pulling herself up on stools, boxes, chairs, and the coffee table.  She tries to pull up on Priya too, but Priya isn't quite as stable as the stool is.  Instead of crawling to get around she does the bear crawl.  She goes on her hands and feet, rubbing her head on the ground, or pivoting and then rolling.  She'd rather be walked around holding someone's hand though.  She loves getting around more now.

 Sameeha's bear crawl.

YUMMY!!!  A red licorice!

Our local Little People of America chapter planned a day at the zoo.
The first thing we always do is stop at the Lion Fountain for a drink.

Then we took a ride on the train with our friends!

 Priya loves trains and thought this was the best part!

Later we took a ride on the carousel!  A first for both of the girls.  '
Sameeha enjoyed the ride more than Priya did, I think.

Later we got to take a rare close up picture with a tiger. Russell and Adawna thought this was awesome,  
Priya was NOT convinced that the glass would keep him away from her.

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