Thursday, May 10, 2012

Priya and Sameeha

 In March Adawna, Priya, and Sameeha went with Adawna's mom, step-dad, and Sister to Arkansas for a week to visit with Great Grandma Martha, Great Grandpa Henry, and a lot of other relatives.  But we had so much fun with GGma Martha that we didn't take much photos.  This is a picture of GGpa Henry, Adawna's Grandpa on her Mom's side.  Sameeha and GGpa Henry especially hit it off.

 Dying Easter eggs for a family night activity.  
Sameeha had fun watching and playing with a boiled egg.  
She especially thought it was fun to drop it on the ground.

 One of Priya's cheesy smiles.  Priya thought dying eggs was great fun.  She loves art!

The Easter Bunny visited our house!  The girls were excited to see what the Bunny had brought them.  Some of the things they got were a stuffed bunny, little toys, snacks, and outdoor fun things.

Sameeha liked playing with the Easter grass.

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