Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Sameeha!

I LOVE this picture!  My sister-in-law took it using her iphone, so the resolution isn't very good, but the photo is perfect!  We were at Russell's great-grandpa's cabin last weekend.  One afternoon we went down to the river to dip our toes in the cold water.  Sameeha was sitting on this rock and having a grand time posing for us.  She knows she's cute and loves to show off.  Also while at the cabin she took 12 consecutive steps.  It was short lived, however, and she is usually only taking one or two at a time now.  She is getting braver each day and we think she'll be walking by Halloween.

Sameeha has brought so much joy into our lives this past year.  We all love her so much!  She is quick to smile, loves to laugh, and has started teasing her sister.  Priya and Sameeha are the best of sisters and play together very well.  They love to chase each other and make each other laugh.  What a blessing they both are to us and our entire families.  They have all the grandparents and their aunts and even some uncles wrapped around their fingers.  We love them so much!

Happy Gotcha-Day, Sameeha!!  
We are blessed to have you and we love your birth-parents and are 
thankful they chose us to have you in our family!

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