Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Family Dinner 2013

In August Adawna's Grandma Martha and Grandpa Gene came from Arkansas to visit for a week.  While they were here we had a family dinner.  These are a few of the pictures Adawna/Russ took of the kids and everyone playing outside after eating.  Adawna's sister Celeste does balloon animals, and Adawna brought a couple of packages of "rocket balloons" for some summer fun.

Watching Aunt Celeste make balloon animals.


 How do I blow these things up?

 Aunt Celeste (Adawna's Sister) hard at work, making balloon animals.

 Grandma Debbie helping Mia blow up a balloon, cousin Zoey in the background.

 I can do it, Grandma!

 Sameeha and cousin Stormey playing.

 Mom! I am saying Cheese!

Adawna, Priya, Adawna's mom, Debora, and Sameeha

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