Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sameeha 3 Years Old

My best friend Nancy has a Sister-in-law that works for a children's photo studio.  The owner of the photo studio is starting private photography lessons/school.  The school asked for some models for the students to take photos of.  We have been lucky enough to have pictures taken of the girls.  Ameera had hers a few weeks ago, last week it was Sameeha's turn, this afternoon it will be Priya's.  Sameeha was a bit tired and trying not to smile in most of the pictures.  The photography students also had a hard time capturing her smile at just the right moment.  Most of these are taken right after her really big smile.  The photos were free, so we are just happy with what we have.  All three of the girls are so photogenic.  Sameeha did love the one on one attention.  :)  If you'd like me to email you any copies, please let me know.   ~A

 I think that this photo captures her personality.  I love it, even though there isn't the big cheesy grin.

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